About Us


Triple4 Who Are We

Triple4 focuses on delivering complete IT management and support for all layers of the system including core infrastructure, endpoints and storage.

We use our unique and extensive skill set to consult with clients on their IT environment. Offering bespoke solutions for pain points affecting systems, process, people and strategy.

We pride ourselves on customer service and guarantee specialised one-on-one IT management. This means that your IT team has the opportunity to get to know both you and your business allowing us to go the extra mile for your company.

What We Do

Consulting is in our DNA. We take a specialised approach to our client’s IT requirements by understanding their pain points. Be it systems, processes, people or strategies we develop a bespoke solution from conception through to implementation and beyond.

We focus on the whole IT environment with Care 4 Service, offering complete IT management and support for all layers of the system including core infrastructure, endpoints as well as storage. As part of Care 4 service, we also offer tailored service level agreements.

Taking care of a complete IT environment requires specialisation in networks too. Triple4’s Care 4 Network also provides a tailored solution offering bespoke management and support of LAN and WLAN, WAN and GAN. In developing complete network services we also offer perimeter security and management of Last Mile as well as Breakout.

Triple4 also specialises in backup management, offering consultation on data security and providing secure custom-made solutions for backup, data recovery, disaster recovery and IT continuity services as well as support for restore tests and file recovery.

As part of our end-to-end bespoke IT solution, Triple4 also offers on-going management following the principals of “Plan, Do, Check, Act” with the ability to move the service stream back to consulting within your IT environment to ensure you always have the most effective and reliable IT solution in place. We also have the capacity to provide service delivery management, project management, service coordination and monthly reporting so you are always aware of how your IT environment is functioning and supported.

Who We Work With

We hold the brands we partner with to the quality same standards as our clients. Our hardware partners are an intrinsic part of any IT environment, that’s why we partner with HP, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Fujitsu to provide you with the tools you need.

Our software partners have been chosen with quality and the reliability associated with their support foundation in mind. We partner with Mimecast, Google Cloud, Veeam and VMware to cater to all our clients’ software needs.

When it comes to connectivity we have chosen network partners who adhere to the highest industry standard, whether it be network hardware security or wide area networks. Our partners include Ruckus, Juniper Networks, Hewlett Packard and Dell.