The importance of Managed Backup- iconBackups are a critical part of protecting information within your IT environment and act as your first line of defence should disaster strike. Backups, however, can be technical, and at times even arduous.
Managed Backup offers a stress-free solution for your IT environment. By supporting and maintaining information in your IT environment, even in the event of a disaster, Managed Backup allows you to focus on frontline business.

Why Managed Backup is important

Offering a variety of advantages including automation, security and accessibility, Managed Backup can be used as a fail-safe solution when dealing with backup issues commonly experienced within IT environments.

Adequately testing backups

While having backups within your IT environment is essential, carrying out adequate testing on those backups is just as important. Part of this process is, of course, ensuring that the backups procedures are being carried out correctly.
Triple4 addresses this through our customisable Managed Backup solution. With regularly scheduled restore tests we are able to ensure the recovery of files.

Avoiding unnecessary risks

Architecture within your IT environment should be set up to avoid the opportunity for single point failure.
Triple4’s consultative approach to Managed Backup assists with optimising the infrastructure you already have in your IT environment to ensure that all company information is secure. This is also beneficial in the restoration process ensuring that you experience minimal downtime.

Simple Security

Security within your IT environment is critical, especially when it comes to backups, however, it is also important to ensure that everyone is up to date on all the implemented security mechanisms. Passwords may be forgotten, or the person responsible for them may not be available to tend to the crisis situation.
Here is perhaps where the importance of well-managed Backup is most apparent. As part of Triple4’s Managed Backup solution, we provide a single contact point for all issues pertaining to your IT environment, backups included.

Other backup concerns

The advantages of Managed Backup can also address some other backup concerns. Some of these include only backing up data, relying on only a disk-to-disk backup solution as well as using a backup system that is too short.
Through consultation and investigation within your IT environment, Triple4 tailors Managed Backup solutions to ensure that all areas and concerns within your backups and IT environment are correctly supported.