We Monitor, Maintain and Support all aspects of your Backups and Backup environments


We offer offsite backup to ensure your data is protected in the event of disaster

Local Copy

We keep a copy of your datasets on-premise for a faster restore in the event of data loss

Secure and Private

All your data is fully secured and encrypted and vaulted according to the highest privacy standards in the industry

What Care 4 Backup offers your IT Environment

Fully Managed Backup Service
Care 4 Backup is a completely managed backup solution. We assist with the backup selections, if required, manage the backup jobs, manage and perform restore jobs when needed as well as provide strategic advice around disaster recovery.
Disaster recovery bolt on

 All Care 4 Backup up customers have the option to utilise the Cloud 4 Business platform to test restores or to create a disaster recovery environment, and only pay for it once it is actually used.

App aware backup with zero disruption
Our agent supports SQL, exchange and sharepoint this means that it uses specific methods for accurately backing up databases of different kinds and also makes granular restores easier.
Included data retention
Care 4 Backup includes retention of daily backups for 2 weeks, monthly backups for 12 months and annual backups for 1 year. You only pay for the amount of data being backed up, not the amount of data stored in the cloud repository.

Plans and Pricing

Care 4 Backup is priced per data vault and per GB of front-end data that is backed up.

Managed Backup


  • Managed Backup of data per GB
  • All data stored in the Triple4 Cloud
  • Monitoring of backup set status
  • App aware backup with zero disruption
  • Included data retention of daily backups for 2 weeks, monthly backups for 12 months and yearly backups
  • Fully Managed Backup Service
On-Demand Disaster Recovery Environment


  • Pay per Use DR environment in the event of total loss
  • Allows immediate restoration without waiting for lengthy hardware replacements
  • Ensures minimal downtime


On-Premise Data Vault


  • Provide a local data vault for faster restores
  • Enables faster backup windows




Your Backup Plan

Sooner or later something will go missing, or go corrupt. We ned to protect you!

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