We monitor, Maintain and Support
all aspects of your servers and server environments


We proactively monitor the health and status of your physical and virtual hardware.


We have an extensive skill set including Microsoft Windows Server support, Citrix, VMware ,Linux and more

Premium Unlimited Support

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your servers and systems will get the support they need

What Care 4 Server offers your IT Environment:

Unlimited Server Support for a Flat Fee 

  • All inclusive unlimited support solution for your server environment
  • Servers are monitored and supported at all times
  • Support for a variety of server operating systems and applications
  • Services billed at a flat monthly service fee

Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

  • Operating systems, applications and server hardware performance characteristics are constantly monitored
  • Monitoring agent that is installed into your environment
  • automated call logging based on templates applied for specific monitoring areas
  • Proactive approach

Asset Tracking 

  • Assistance with all inventory associated with your server
  • Reporting on all hardware, software and licencing
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Assistance with server environment capacity planning

Patch Management 

  • Patch management on Microsoft, non-Microsoft and 3rd Party patching including Java and Firefox
  • Custom Deployment and reboot schedules to suit you

Monthly Reporting 

  • Comprehensive monthly report
  • Antivirus patch management
  • Uptime statistics
  • Capacity planning
  • Strategy and improvement recommendations

Service Level Agreement & Support 

  • Strict service level agreement and support turnaround times
  • technical assistance
  • self-help option
  • 5 day cancellation period

Your Care Systems

Without your servers, what business do you have?

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