We monitor, Maintain and Support
all aspects of your servers and server environments


We proactively monitor the health and status of your physical and virtual hardware.


We have an extensive skill set including Microsoft Windows Server support, Citrix, VMware ,Linux and more

Premium Unlimited Support

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your servers and systems will get the support they need

What Care 4 Server offers your IT Environment

Unlimited Server support for a flat fee

Care 4 Server offers clients an all inclusive unlimited support solution for your server environment. This gives you piece of mind that your servers are being monitored and supported at all times. We use a combination of tools, experience and skills to support a variety of server operating systems and the applications. The service is billed at a flat monthly service fee which makes it easy to budget,eliminating the risk of unexpected bills.


Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

Operating systems, applications and server hardware performance characteristics such as CPU, memory and disk usage are are constantly monitored as part of Care 4 Server. This is done through a monitoring agent that is installed on your environment. Our agent automatically logs calls according to templates applied for specific monitoring areas and an engineer will look into the call and act accordingly. This proactive approach means that issues in your server environment are often attended to before you even know they’re a problem.

Asset Tracking

Care 4 server also includes management services to assist you with all inventory associated with you server. We report on all hardware, software and licensing for each server. This means at any given point in time, reports can be drawn on assets in your environment. This enables us to provide Capacity Planning for your server environment too.

Patch Management

Care 4 Server, through a skills, knowledge and tools provides a solution for patch management which is a headache for many organisations. This includes patching on Microsoft, non-Microsoft and 3rd party patching such as applications like Java, Firefox etc. We manage the patch process and carefully evaluate what should be applied and when. Custom deployment schedules and reboot schedules can be applied at a very granular level.

Monthly Reporting

Due to the nature of our proactive support approach, much of the remote work performed in your server environment is relayed to you in the form of a comprehensive report to prove the value add of the solution. The reports include detail on anti-virus, patch management, uptime statistics and capacity planning. In addition to monthly reports you can request for custom reports to be complied with as much or as little information as is required. We frequently make recommendations to clients on strategy and improvement based on the data we collect.

Service Level agreement & Support

We adhere to a strict service level agreement and turn around times to ensure that your support objectives are being taken care of. In addition to this, we also offer support through a wide variety of channels including technical assistance or self help. We believe in the solution we are delivering and thus offer a 5 day cancellation on our services.

Plans and Pricing

Care 4 Server is priced per server, per month, with no hidden costs.

Care 4 Server Essentials


  • Continuous Real-time Monitoring
  • Monthly reporting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Patch Management
  • Included Anti-virus
  • Service Management with Helpdesk
  • Notifications and Communications
  • Excluding server support which is billed at adhoc rates
Care 4 Server Unlimited


  • Continuous Real-time Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Patch Management
  • Included Anti-virus
  • Service Management with Helpdesk
  • Notifications and Communications
  • Including Unlimited Server Support Services during Business Hours

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