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The search for an it solution ends here.

We focus on delivering complete IT management and support for all layers of the system including core infrastructure, endpoints and storage.

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Triple4 provides customers with an experience that exceeds expectations and simplifies all elements of their IT environments. Our deep industry insights are backed by two decades of experience, knowledge and ongoing training in the latest technology products and services.

Our teams work with organisations across the world to unlock the value that efficient IT infrastructure can do for your business. Our tailored services have helped hundreds of clients to increase revenue, save time and enhance their competitiveness in a rapidly evolving marketspace.

Succeed in an ever-changing online environment. With access to a growing portfolio of hardware, network, software and systems providers, we hand-pick our partners according to a tedious application process, ensuring that the quality of their solutions matches your needs.

Our Technology Solutions

We monitor, maintain and support all aspects of your IT environments.

Our designated team of IT specialists are here to help you build, maintain and evaluate your existing IT environments.

Evaluate your IT environments and let our teams manage infrastructure upgrades and maintenance on behalf of your business. 

Tap into on-demand applications and have access to the exact technology your business needs whenever you want it.

Access documents anywhere, and from any device. Achieve real-time business results with Microsoft Office 365. 

Scale your cloud applications with a user-friendly interface. Microsoft Azure lets you automate tasks and increase processing storage as you need it.

Our IT advisory consulting service helps gain insight into your business, analysing technical problems as well as cyber security within your business.

Our cyber security solution defends your business against cyber threats, securing and managing all mobile devices and control applications.

Avoid unexpected hiccups with enhanced data protection. We will safeguard your data and set your business up for survival.


What people have said

Elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan
Key elements of a disaster recovery plan

Much like any natural disaster, digital disruption happens when you least expect it. Hiccups can take place at random, and often these “random” events affect your bottom line. Without a strategic IT disaster recovery plan, you could find yourself in a crisis. But if you’re prepared, business information security can remain recoverable when you need it. 

Big Data is Changing The Future
How big data is changing the future

Often times, you don’t even realise how much big data is making a difference, but it is. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data have helped to gear more businesses for success, changing the way you communicate internally and externally, and compete with similar businesses online. 

Secure Your Business Data
How secure is your data?

With digital trends changing overnight, it’s no surprise that you’re not prepared for the future of digital. Nobody really is, but one thing is for sure, you need secure data management. Today, companies are sending, receiving and storing large volumes of data every day, leading to many drawbacks that need to be considered in your security strategies. 

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