IT Users and Data Accessibility

IT Users and Data Accessibility

Data is an important element in any business, but just as important as the data itself is how accessible the data is to its users.
Typically referring to software and activities related to storing and retrieving data, a crucial aspect of data accessibility involves authorisation helping to help distinguish the ability of administrators and users.

Data Accessibility in your business

Typically multiple departments within your company will have different data and information access needs. An important factor to consider is how users will gain and have access to the data they need.
With an increasing trend towards Cloud Data, the promise of a simpler, more cost-effective and a more manageable data solution is a great selling point. However, users as a major element in the concept of data accessibility must be carefully considered.

Data Accessibility and Users

One of the most productive questions to ask, especially when moving towards the Cloud, is whether or not the users still have access to all the data they need and if the process has in fact improved their experience.
While your users may have access to company data is this access well managed and secure? How is your IT team ensuring that this is the case?

Triple4’s Data Accessibility Solution

Ensuring all stakeholders and users have the access they require to company data as well as measuring the way in which this accessibility contributes to the productivity of your business are all important elements of a data accessibility strategy. These factors should also be taken into consideration when it comes to strategy planning.
Triple4’s consulting approach to caring for your company’s most prized asset means implementing a strategy that will work for your business data. This ensures that users and stakeholders alike are able to access information in a way which productivity is stimulating and not only meets but enhances the users’ experience.

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