Caring for your IT Assets

Caring for your IT Assets

Cloud adoption is easier than ever. With benefits including cost saving, flexibility, and quality control to name a few, it is clear that embracing and leveraging Cloud services offers a competitive advantage for businesses. When it comes to asset management, however, while the exposure is lesser, underutilization and compliance are becoming major considerations.

Cloud is a right to use license (RTU), this means you are able to order and activate specific license types and levels via a command line. By lifting the burden of major hardware and software costs, Cloud has a lot to offer. However, as an RTU license, Cloud benefits from organizations buying more than they need and the wrong tier of license.

Now, more than ever asset management within an IT environment is critical. While you may have moved over to a Cloud productivity suite a year ago, things within your business may have changed. You may have had an increase or decrease in headcount, and the mailboxes that come along with them you may have also procured other software licensing for projects and other business initiatives. It’s easy to lose track of things.

Through strategic consultation within the IT environment, Triple4’s Care 4 Asset offers a comprehensive solution to manage all assets be it hardware and/ or software within an organization.

Under a confidentiality agreement, Triple4’s Software Asset Management will gather all your license purchasing data. Then with the aid of tools Triple4 will assess your software asset deployment bases and usage including overexposure, underutilization, and software end-of-life.

When it comes to caring for your hardware assets Triple4 would not support the devices but rather manage the warranties and vendor support agreements. Assisting with deployment and allocation, location asset tag, warranty status, fulfilment partner, asset cost base and usage profiles.

By caring for your assets on a continual and active basis, Triple4 is able to assist in bettering workflow and optimizing resources within your IT environment. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can Care 4 Your Assets.

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