What is Software Asset Management?

What is Software Asset Management

Cloud adoption is easier than ever. With benefits including cost saving, flexibility, and quality control to name a few, it is clear that embracing and leveraging Cloud services offers a competitive advantage for businesses.

However, while the exposure is lesser, underutilization and compliance are becoming major considerations.

On one hand, by lifting the burden of major software costs, Cloud has a lot to offer. On the other, however, as a right to use license, Cloud benefits from organizations buying more than they need and the wrong tier of license. Now, more than ever Asset Management within an IT environment is critical.

Software Asset Management addresses this by optimising software purchases. Offering management, deployment, maintenance and utilization and disposal of software within an IT environment. Software Asset Management also implements the processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of software assets throughout all stages of their lifecycle.

Asset Management is important, not only for an organizational point of view but when it comes to compliance too. Software Asset Management plays a major role in ensuring that, in situations where there are multiple licensing procurement points, portals, and vendors, that your business is able to manage all these elements. Making sure there are no penalty fines with vendors, and you are not paying money for something you’re not using.

By providing a bespoke service, Triple4 is focused on creating a comprehensive solution within an IT environment. In creating a solution surrounding Software Asset Management within your IT environment Triple4 is able to assist in not only meeting but exceeding business objectives.

These solutions include software inventory, license management, and software metering, application control, software deployments, patch management tools, request management as well as product cataloging .
In implementing these solutions Triple4 takes a discreet approach, acknowledging the sensitivity of company information. Reporting is carried out on a factual basis with the goal of understanding and acting to improve the IT environment.

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