Software Asset Management and Cyber Security

Software Asset Management & Cyber Security

At its most basic Software Asset Management involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal for software applications. By carrying out these processes within an IT environment Software Asset Management offers a variety of benefits.

A few of the most commonly noted include ensuring compliance for software, expense optimizations as well as transparency within your IT environment.

One of the lesser noted benefits is how Software Asset Management is able to play a distinct role in ensuring cybersecurity.

The Threats

Identifying vulnerabilities is essential when it comes to cybersecurity. Unauthorized software installations and deployments can become serious security risks. Software products nearing end-of-life also pose security risks within an IT environment with unpatched software exposing vulnerabilities.

The Solution

Software Asset Management offers a variety of tools to be used within an IT environment to specifically address the risks above. Among other features, Software Asset Management has the ability to alert organizations to license expiration dates, as well as maintain a comprehensive inventory. These features allow Software Asset Management, while not the only solution to cybersecurity, to play a key role in maintaining security within an IT environment.

How can Triple4 Help?

Triple4 offers a comprehensive Software Asset Management solution. By keeping track of purchase dates, the quantity purchased as well as compiling a thorough record of what assets are already in your environment Triple4 is able to compile a complete inventory list. This aids in identifying malicious items new to the environment and helps prevent the utilization of risky applications.

By assessing overexposure, underutilization, and software end-of-life, upgrade rights and, expense optimizations, Triple4 is able to assist in standardization and rationalization ensuring compliance as well as allowing for savings in terms of costs.

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