The Difference between Data Recovery & Disaster Recovery

The Difference between Data Recovery & Disaster Recovery

A business is nothing without its data. This is why recovery is one of the most important elements in an IT environment. Whether it’s a file that has been deleted or an unforeseen event that has taken down your entire IT environment, what you’re really worried about is the accessibility and availability of your data.

While Disaster recovery seems to be what everyone is talking about when it comes to taking care of your data it is important to understand that there is so much more to protecting, recovering and ensuring the availability of your company’s most prized asset.
In order to fully understand the value of both Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery within an IT environment, it is important to recognize how these separate elements work together to take care of your data.

What is Data Recovery?

Simply put, Data Recovery typically refers to the restoration of the data from a backup to a desktop, laptop, server or external storage system. Triple4 assists with this by ensuring availability within the IT environment. Managing and monitoring data backup sets and Triple4 is able to ensure that failed backup sets are resolved quickly and efficiently.
Triple4’s Data workstream supports both Cloud backup as well as pre-existing backup infrastructures.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Unlike Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery does not only refer to the actual process of data restoration. Disaster Recovery is the planning that must take place in order to protect your business in the event of data loss/ compromise.

A good disaster recovery plan or strategy should provide a structural approach to responding to unplanned incidents that threaten the business IT infrastructure including the loss and recovery of business data.

As well as ensuring the availability of data, Disaster Recovery is the topic of testing the ability to recover within the defined recover strategy of the client’s business as well as the documentation thereof. It is recommended that this process is completed at least quarterly and may include the provisions of a destination.

How resilient is your data to disaster, and when last did you test this? Contact Triple4 for more about how we can assist your business.

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