The Importance of Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Bring your own device is increasing in popularity. With this comes an increase in the number of mobile devices that are connected to business networks and used as a touch point for important business information.

With ransomware and disaster posing serious threats to important business information, having the means to monitor, manage and support mobile devices is critical.

What Is Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is a comprehensive solution used to manage and secure, as the name suggests, mobile devices. This can be used across multiple service providers and across multiple operating systems, making it easier to integrate enterprise mobility.

The Benefit of Mobile Device Management

One of the greatest risks posed by mobile devices is that of theft or loss. This is especially true when these devices are used to carry out daily tasks, store company information and used for company emails.
One of the ways in which Mobile Device Management addresses these risks is by remotely wiping lost or stolen devices.

Mobile Device Management also provides a backup solution for mobile devices, offering platforms as well as protocols for data recovery.
Another advantage of Mobile Device Management is that of regulatory compliance. Through Mobile Device Management this can be implemented through protocols for securing mobile mail and the ability to segment personal and business data.
Mobile Device Management also offers a solution for tracking via the GPS location of the device. Reporting on mobile assets can also be carried out. This offers information on device health, battery usage, software versions and disk usage. Allowing a level of maintenance and management not otherwise achievable.

Triple4’s Solution

Triple4 offers a comprehensive Mobile Device Management service stream. This allows for the administration and security of your companies mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, Mobile Device Management assists in enforcing corporate policies and integrating enterprise mobility. This includes tracking and reporting as well as fast and easy provisioning. For more about how Triple4 can assist your business with Mobile Device Management, contact us.

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