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IT Management, Monitoring And Support Specialists

Who We Are

Founded by three masterminds, Kevin Mortimer, Claude Tschepen and Scott Orton, Triple4 started small. In 2007, the company was formally introduced as IMMIX Network Solutions. Working out of a 50 square metre room with four employees, we launched an idea with big future potential.

Our mission was to provide real IT services to an industry which challenged the status quo. We did this by combining mundane technologies with innovative, enabling designs. Over time, we identified the impact of unreliable IT and downtime on businesses. And we wanted to change that. 

In 2011, we rebranded, and have since rolled out three branches. Our offices are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Dublin, offering support to clients in various industries across the globe. With a growing team of experienced professionals, we’re able to provide customers with an experience that exceeds expectations and simplifies all elements of their IT environments.

 Our values indicate how we treat our employees, clients, and how we do business: 

●    Exceed customer expectations through service excellence

●    Be professional

●    Be caring and show empathy

●    Be open to change

●    Honest and ethical

●    Be truthful to customers, the company and ourselves

Your technical problems are our problems, and we’ll do everything to help you succeed. Our dedication to solving complex issues has earned us the Fujitsu award for Best System Innovator. In 2016 and 2017, we were also recognised as the Best Veeam Cloud and Service Provider in South Africa. These accolades are an indication of how committed we are to building strong relationships with our clients. We scale our services to meet your needs in the most feasible way possible.

We make a difference online and offline 

Triple4 is dedicated to giving back – we empower communities through digital communication. We believe that businesses have the power to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals, and we want to make an ongoing, positive difference for those who need it most. Between our yearly contribution to various charities and our commitment to Black Economic Empowerment , we are continually looking for ways to support initiatives that are close to our heart. This year, we contributed to Kids Haven and their campaign to get young children off the streets and reunited with their families. And, our most recent BEE contribution was for Impophomo Rushing Waters, a non-profit organisation dedicated to youth development, education and food security.

Stay connected with the latest technology solutions

We can be the technology service partner you can count on. As a licensed provider of high-quality IT and telecommunications infrastructure and support, we are certified by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. Our deep industry insights are backed by two decades of experience, and we service clients in all sectors and of all sizes, from micro enterprises to corporate multinationals.

What We Do

Our technology guarantees real business results in the digital era. We work with organisations across the world to unlock the value that efficient IT infrastructure can do for your business. Companies rely on us to modernise their infrastructure, secure their networks, protect against hardware failure and automate business processes. Beyond working with tier-1 ISPs and world-leading network companies such as Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Google Cloud, VMware, Veeam and more, our complete end-to-end services include:

●    IT support

●    Infrastructure management 

●    Security 

●    Cloud services

●    Disaster recovery 

●    Microsoft Office 

●    Microsoft Azure 

Our tailored services have helped hundreds of clients to increase revenue, save time and enhance their competitiveness in a rapidly evolving marketspace. We’ve configured new servers with faster processing power that leads to improved productivity and better work experiences for staff.  Our services are designed to prepare our clients for doing business in a cloud-first, mobile world. By migrating to cloud platforms, we’ve helped companies gain simpler access to their data. We also create recommendations on your hardware, software and security needs, protecting you against any cyberthreats across all devices. This gives you the freedom to operate online with confidence. 

Our always-on helpdesks are available around-the-clock to respond to your problems. Our clients rely on us, and we know their business depends on staying online. Central to our approach is categorising tickets by severity and priority. We always fix the most critical issues to avoid service disruption.

We provide you with the tools you need

With access to a growing portfolio of hardware, network, software and systems providers, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to succeed in an ever-changing online environment. Our clients have high-quality standards, and so do we. We hand-pick our partners according to a tedious application process, ensuring that the quality of their solutions matches your needs.