How to use artificial intelligence to increase IT security

Oct 7, 2020 | Infrastructure Management

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These days conducting business is a fast-paced activity, and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence are changing the way organisations can service their clients. While these resources certainly bring business owners many new opportunities, they also come with a handful of cyber risks. These risks need managing before they disrupt your business.

Digitisation has refined convenience

Today, consumers are finding what they want at the click of a button. Online purchases and interactions are moving faster than ever. Before you know it, you could be dealing with a cyber case.

These unwanted cyber events can significantly affect your bottom line, as well as your reputation.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity is an ongoing concern. The more advanced AI becomes, the harder it is to keep track of digital responses. As it is, business is as competitive as ever. With cash being tight, it isn’t easy to implement sufficient security. So, it’s integral for companies to seek security assistance from a resource that can keep an eye on your services proactively.

With the amount of data that is accessed and shared online, it’s impossible to keep tabs on every system physically. Even though you probably have some protection in place, it’s good to work with an IT security consultant. Staff education also goes a long way to assist with prevention.

Artificial Intelligence can detect cyber threats

AI makes it easier to inspect large data volumes in real-time before an attack can occur. Also, advances in technology have enabled IT professionals to test for vulnerabilities quickly. These improvements can also monitor channels through which data comes in and out. Of course, it’s humanly impossible to watch these interactions in a speedy manner, which is why it’s becoming a best practice for companies to seek assistance from AI.

Improved security on password and authentication protection

It’s common for employees to create simple, easy-to-remember passwords. By doing so, without knowing it, they’re becoming targets. Consumers often repeat password for multiple accounts. Now complex options are available to secure their data properly. AI enables you to create an entirely new approach that identifies unique user patterns to grant access.

Detect phishing AI

Since we communicate via email, hackers can quickly attack your business via phishing. Traditional cybersecurity can block these from occurring when updated. However, AI works without signature updates and so prevents such attacks more effectively. Still, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to deter any fake website away from your business. But with AI, you can rely on these resources to tackle complex jobs in half the time.

Easily tackle vulnerability management with AI

The truth is, you can prepare for an attack, but you’re never entirely sure when it will strike.

Fortunately, AI can lend a hand by watching out for any red flags that could make your business vulnerable. For instance, they can help you to anticipate an attack by monitoring discussions on the dark web. Similarly prevention by analysing patterns in your system that are foreign to protect you in real-time.

Overall improvement in network security management

With the help of AI, businesses can implement ways to advance their business. It’s more cost-effective and realistic to rely on technology to develop your business’s security.

In Conclusion 

Technology will continue to change your business operations for the better. Discover new ways to protect your digital assets with Triple4 and experience the potential of AI for your business.