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Managing digital disruption in the hospitality and accommodation industry is of vital importance especially while delivering new services to the public.
Your business needs to be comfortable knowing that your customers’ information is safe. Implementing the right infrastructure, data solutions and security safety software, your business will ensure a seamless experience to your customers as well as to your team. Not only will you have the right technology in place, your business will have an always-on presence, adding to your brand.
Digital transformation is a must if you want to stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors. This needs to be thought of as an advantage in your line of business and not an expense.

What we offer in Hospitality


Systems Management and Support

Systems down in hospitality means immediate lost revenue, bookings can’t be made, check-outs are delayed, orders can’t be taken; reputation damage is unthinkable.


Compliancy and Governance

Hospitality is exposed to a substantial amount of regulation, from food preparation, health and safety to protection of private information. Triple4 understands all the compliancy requires and can assist with creating the correct environment to facilitate this.


Cloud Services

Implementing cloud services centralises back of house services, which can then be delivered simpler and more securely to each point of presence, such as hotel or restaurant.

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