We take a specialised approach to our clients’ IT requirements by understanding their environment.

Processes & People


People are only as effective as the processes they follow, and likewise, processes are only as effective as their purpose. We will ensure neither is without purpose or direction.

We offer analysis on all system architecture and infrastructure assisting with insight into your IT environment as a complete entity.


Offering insight into your IT environment we are able to provide expert strategic business analysis, ensuring all applications and recovery strategies are in line with the business objectives.

End-to-End IT Solution

Comprehensive consulting support services for your servers, storage and user nodes.

Complete IT Management & Support

A solution tailored to your needs

We offer a complete IT management for all layers of the system including core infrastructure, endpoints and storage

We approach your IT environment with consultative insight and work with you to design an IT solution that fits all your needs and specifications


Our SLA’s can be designed to suit your needs. Offering managed service hours of 24×7, 13×7, 13×5 & 8×5 or response and resolve as needed.

Network Connectivity

End-to-end network management

Management & Support

Our Network service stream is an end-to-end management and service solution that takes control of your network at every layer. From the local area user networks in your offices, right through to your wide area VPN’s, storage networks and Internet and Cloud connections.

Tailored Solutions

We provide tailored solutions that are specific to your IT needs and objectives.

Data Access

An end-to-end discussion around business’ most prized asset, Intellectual Property and Data. 


Security & Vulnerability

Multiple departments and functions in a company have many different data and information access needs. Triple4 is able to assist by advising on Cloud Data Solutions, making things simpler, cost-effective and more manageable all while providing the same excellent user experience.

How thought-out and intentional is your data and intellectual property policy within your organisation? By understanding your business risks Triple4 is able to work through our service streams to ensure your IT environment secure and vulnerability free.

Resilience and Survivability

Triple4 will address and manage all data resilience needs and ensure business survivability in the event of data loss and/or compromise be that through system failure, people failure or otherwise.

Asset Management

Asset Management manages all assets, be it hardware and/or software within an organisation.

Software Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management

Triple4 gathers all licensing purchasing data, assisting in software asset deployment base and usage.

Triple4 manages hardware warranties and vendor support agreements.

Mobile Device Management

Making it easier to monitor and manage mobile devices


Security Protocols

Mobile Device Management allows various system management operations including remotely locking screens, configuring system settings or resetting passwords.

Application control allows for the banning of defined application classes from being installed on devices, to help enforce corporate policies, protect users and strengthen security.

Track and Report Mobile Assets

Clear and comprehensive reporting works to ensure the health and proper usage of devices.


Plan, Do (Test), Check, Act

Service Delivery Management


A critical component to all Triple4’s service offerings is our delivery management, it ensures all our activities are considered.

Unmanaged projects will always fail to meet expectations, they will overrun, they will be disastrous. Triple4 always manages projects.

Service Coordination

During the daily life cycle of supporting environments, all tickets are coordinated and micro-managed against severity and priority.


Ad-hoc reporting or monthly reporting is an option for a customer to provide a summarised view of all activity in the environment for the past.

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